<bgsound src="snowbird.mid"> Shelly Norgaard

"Shelly & Ron Norgaard ranch in Beaverlodge, Alberta Canada. They have a cow/ calf operation. Also like to rodeo in the team roping events. Shelly likes to do some " antigue" collecting. They have to watch the calf crop to protect the calves from grizzlie bears that would eat the calves. They are working to build up the herd & ranch." -- JD

Ron brought home the digital camera last night..unfortunately..I couldn't get up on Bud the Rope horse to take a real Cow-gal type pic, buggered up my back.."strained it real good" jumping down off a rail fence the last week, so just "hobbeling around right now like a square-wheel..will try and do some more when I'm heeled up..and can swing my leg over one of the "Cayeuses again."

"tammy the dog in the quad box behind me and Tigger the cat and Furgie the Black cat that hardly shows up on the quad seat in front of me laying there..and one of "Buddy" the Black rope horse and then 2 Cow pics with some of the calves in roational grazing mode in pen one East of the house..the cows are spread out between two places and in rotational grazing...so will get more of the others later when get access to the camera again!!


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