<bgsound src="istherelife_outthere.mid"> Dianna Larson
I live in Osceola Nebraska, a town of about 800 people in north southeastern part of the state. I love the "cowboy ways." I love country music like George Strait, Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, and my favorite, Terri Clark. I'm told that I look like her. I live in town, which I hate, and ride my friend's horse every now and then. But my favorite thing, is to ride a mechanical bull, when I can find one. I rode for the first time this year in Denver, I was immediately addicted. I try to get to as many rodeos as I can, just to watch, and making sure to hit the dances afterward! At the age of 17 I started my own studio. I do cowboy portraits and "up close" rodeo events. I guess I'm pretty good. My studio's doing better than I thought it would. After just one year I have sold about 10-15 paintings, and drawings. I have also custom made quite a few. Plus all of the FFA and school stuff.

"Click here to see a sample of DiAnna's art work. It's classy stuff!" -- Lefty

Dianna is the real life model for the character Dianna Del Rio who is currently appearing in the Grandpaw and Belle Comic Strip.

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