The Road to Granny's House

This photo was taken in the early 1990's during one of the Calliham family reunions. This is what was then left of "Wax Street" which was never more than a dusty old road that led north from the heart of downtown Calliham toward the river and the old iron bridge. Just to the right once stood the house of Jennsy Bates which was occupied for a time in the 1950's by the Semar family. In the middle distance, you can glimpse the clearing where stood the house of Horace Wilson and family. To the left, hidden by the trees, are the foundations of a cotton gin that was torn down many years ago.

In the distance you can just see where the road from the old cemetery at Calliham joined the main road from the left. At one time Dave Calliham and his family lived in a house that stood on that corner.

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