Texaco Service Station 1974

Here is a view of a Calliham landmark in its final days. The picture was taken by Mike Bedwell, and the figure in the foreground is JD. For a 1920's view (of the service station) click here .

November 10 2011:
When my sister and I were kids, my Grandaddy, Stanley Sparks, owned this "fillin station" . My Mother Ola Brown, would load my sister and me into the unair-conditioned car every July and drive for 2 days from Springfield, Missouri to Calliham for a 2 week visit. The first thing we'd do after hugging our Granny, Vivian Sparks, is run to the station to hug Grandaddy and get a "sodie water" from the cooler and a candy bar. Grandaddy always made us pay for whatever we got. But Granny made up for it, she'd let us go to Harbor's for icecream bars. She's say "just have Nell put it on the bill". We had the best summers in Calliham and I don't remember ever wanting to go anywhere else. -- Jamie Brown, Ruliffson.

January 12 2012:
A small correction on letter from Sparks' granddaughter: it was Harber's store and Mrs. Harber's name was Thelma. -- JD, January 12, 2012

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