Photo: The Progress, August 15, 1973

J.T. Calliham Homestead 1973

The following is from McMullen County History as quoted in The Progress, July 23, 1997.

Joseph Thomas Calliham was born in 1841. After he returned from the Civil War, J.T. Calliham married Sarah Ann McKinney. He took a trail herd of cattle to Abilene and came home with enough money in 1878 to buy a 3000 acre ranch. Joseph built this house on this site to serve as his homestead and ranch headquarters.

In 1920, the town of Guffeyola was renamed Calliham after its most honored citizen. Joseph died in 1922 and Sarah died in 1930.

The house was moved to New Calliham by Horace Wilson, but was accidently destroyed by fire in 1981. Today, all that remains is the fire-place which can be seen from the road.

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