Cheryl Harris and Snake

Cheryl Harris (Jay's) shot a big chicken snake at their place near Schertz several weeks ago, I think. She crawled in the chicken house & shot it in the head and another time to break its back so wouldn"t crawl off in hard to get place.

It was eating up all the eggs. She used a Remington Nylon 22 rifle.

Thought it might be cool for the web site. -- JD

Comment received November 21 2010:
"That snake could have been relocated. To kill it was very wrong!!!! To some people what is happening in this pic is the same as holding a dead pomeranian at the end of a hoe. One difference to be noted: The Texas rat snake is more beneficial than a pomeranian. Just not as cute and can't bite as hard. Hope your proud!!" -- Lampro King, San Leon Texas

Comment received June 13 2011:
"You mean relocating the snake in someone else's yard so someone else's kids might step on it, get bit and have painful tetnus shots etc.etc. ,so it can kill someone else's chickens? Well pardner that ain't the way real Texans do things!" -- JD

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