Calliham Kids, 1994

The Calliham grandchildren and spouses taken in November 1994 at the Calliham Community Center after Dave's funeral.
Front row, left to right, is Gary Calliham, Ron Stringer, Lynda Brown Stringer, Saundra Calliham White, Vanessa Calliham and Nancy Calliham Steele.
Back Row, left to right, is Tracey White, Larry Calliham, Allen Calliham, Duane Brown, James Calliham and Cliff Calliham.
(Saundra and Tracey White divorced in 1999 and Saundra remarried in 2001. She is now Saundra Calliham Miller)

I wondered what happened to this photo. I suggested that this photo be taken, but this is the first time I have seen it. The only one of Dave's grandchildren missing is my brother Kenneth, who had passed away. This was the last time were all together before Larry's passing. At this time I was about five month's along with my son Christopher Michael. -- Lynda Stringer May 11 2004

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