The Calliham Family, Circa 1906

Standing, left to right: Harry, Daulcy, Hattie (Harriet), Lucy, and Leo. Seated: Joseph, Clem Nolan, Sarah, and Alice Nolan.

This photo was taken the year Harry Calliham and Daulcy Bates were married. Harry, Hattie, Lucy, and Leo are the children of Joseph and Sarah and Clem Nolan is the son of Hattie by her first marriage.

By 1918, the community received its first post-office and the name Guffeyola, Texas. In 1920, the town was renamed Calliham in honor of Joseph Thomas Calliham, shown above.

"My dad was Charles Warren Calliham. The photo of Harry Calliham, circa 1906, is the one I want to comment on. The picture of Harry: I am so amazed at how my brother Charles Edward looks so much like this one of Harry! It is so amazing!!!! My brother Ed passed away, as result of motorcycle accident in 1990." -- Mary Pitman

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