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Mauser C96
A semi-automatic pistol produced in Germany from 1896 to 1937.

Those were really wicked looked shootin' irons on up to ww2. Several countres built them but I bet Germany made the very best. China made some sloppy ones. Nearly any one of them brings $1,000 to $1,400 EACH!

Guns of the Texas Rangers
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Old Model Ruger 'single-six' 22/22 mag. I packed this for many years on ranches. The crescent fence pliers haves dozens of uses and are the best made.

A rare Smith & Wesson in 3 inch barrel. A fine GEM of a gun!!

An 1866 Winchester rifle nicknamed 'The Improved Henry Rifle' because of the wood forearm protecting the ammo tube.

Another Colt Root revolver from the pre-civil war era, along with its matching powder flask.

A Colt double/action Frontier revolver. More sturdy and larger than the similar in design 'Lightning' or 'Thunderer'. I had one that once belonged to an actor that fired blanks in it. Well taken care of. Inside one of the grip panels was the wording 'E L BRYANT, Aberdeen, Texas'.

THE FIRST Colt single/action revolver. The Colt Paterson was quite a change from the old single shot cap and ball pistol being used on the frontier! Samuel Colt sent a pair to Capt. John Coffee Hays and all his rangers involved in the Commanches wars. ( "Jack" Hays is a Calliham family relative).

Winchester (1894) in 30-30 was the first smokeless powder lever action rifle. Far superior in range and velocity than the old Winchester 44s of the frontier black powder era.

Colt Root small pocket revolvers of the pre-Civil War period. Black powder percussion guns.

Early Smith &Wesson hinged/top break revolver. Much faster loading and unloading the hulls than the ejector rod of the Colt single actions.

Colt single/action army revolver of 1873 The most famous and most copied handgun of all time. The COWBOY six shooter!

New Century Smith & Wesson revolver New swing out cylinder and solid frame hand gun. Same used on most DA revolvers today.

That drawing of the COLT LIGHTNING was from an actual old gun Mr. Kenneth Hart of Tuleta gave me. They were small handguns and had delicate parts that were prone to breakage. But outlaws like Wesley Hardin and Billy the Kid used them. -- JD

TAURUS, a Brazillian mfg. company has really come up in the gun world! This new revolver sports a extra long cylinder to accomidate the 410 shotgun cartiridge AND or the 45 Long Colt cartiridge. Named 'The JUDGE' because some judges in east Texas wear one under their robe in case a character gets out of control. Extremely popular handgun offered in various barrel lengths and either blued or stainless steel. Nearly ALL my rowdy friends have one and the company can't keep up with all the orders for more.

Designed after the cut down Winchester 1892 lever action rifle used in the TV western "Wanted:Dead or Alive" with Steve McQueen as bounty hunter Josh Randall.

The RUGER standard .22 automatic pistol. This has to be the toughest long lasting automatic .22 that was ever produced. Designed right after the war with similar Luger grip but entirely a different mode of firing and take down for cleaning method. Not as refined as the Colt, Hi-Standard or Browning BUT will out last them all!