DiAnna Larson

Western Artist

Lonely and Gone

I drew it about 3 years ago. I got the idea for that picture from my brother's friend. I had a crush on him and I found that picture and just decided to draw it. It wasn't suppose to be found, but my mom was looking at some of my work and found it. She fell in love with it, so I finished it up and threw it on my brochures! It's just a normal color pencil. There is, I think, a sealer on them...not sure...Other than that, they're just plain jane pics!

Let's Go Boys

"Let's Go Boys" is about the same, just plain 'ol color pencil, nothing fancy. Acid free paper on the copies, also. When I drew that one, I was listening to Shania Twain, and started drawing the picture on the back of the CD cover. I changed it a little, and now everyone thinks it's me! Just a typical cowgirl attitude pic. I did that one about 2 years ago.

Bull Rider

"Bull Rider" is the whole families favorite. I think my brother's college friends have copies, and it's up in about every room of the house! I drew it about a year or so ago. My brother and I were messin' around with stuff, and I saw this pic on the back of a CD case, and we both were like...you gotta draw it! It's just a graphite/color pencil. Still, nothin' fancy. Acid free copies...

All the copies are just off of a color copier, like at a copy place.

DiAnna Larson

I live in Osceola Nebraska, a town of about 800 people in north southeastern part of the state. I love the "cowboy ways." I love country music like George Strait, Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, and my favorite, Terri Clark. I'm told that I look like her. I live in town, which I hate, and ride my friend's horse every now and then. But my favorite thing, is to ride a mechanical bull, when I can find one. I rode for the first time this year in Denver, I was immediately addicted. I try to get to as many rodeos as I can, just to watch, and making sure to hit the dances afterward! At the age of 17 I started my own studio. I do cowboy portraits and "up close" rodeo events. I guess I'm pretty good. My studio's doing better than I thought it would. After just one year I have sold about 10-15 paintings, and drawings. I have also custom made quite a few. Plus all of the FFA and school stuff.

Copies of DiAnna's work are available for sale. 8X10 prints are $15 and 11X14 prints are $25. DiAnna's email is wranglergirl_2001@yahoo.com.

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