J.D.'s Cowboy Poetry Page

Visions of Old Texas by J.D. Bedwell 10/20/02
Deer Poem by Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid10/27/02
Day of the Cowboy by L.M. Larson11/03/02
Settling the Dispute by E. J. Harris11/10/02
About That Bridge by Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid11/17/02
Spooky Old Mare by L.M. Larson 11/24/02
Commanche Joe by Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid12/01/02
The Rise by Mike Bedwell12/08/02
A Cowboy Christmas by Shelly Norgaard12/15/02
A Cowboy's Life by L.M. Larson12/22/02
Chuck Wagon Man by Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid01/05/03
Riding Herd by L.M. Larson01/12/03
Dreams to Reality by D.H. Calliham01/19/03
Go West by L.M. Larson01/26/03
At Peace with the World by Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid 02/09/03
What is Love? by L.M. Larson 02/16/03
Echoes of the Past by L.M. Larson 02/23/03
The Dude by Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid 03/03/03
The Old Winchester by J. D. Bedwell 03/23/03
The Man in Black by J. D. Bedwell 04/06/03
The Bull Ride by L.M. Larson 04/13/03
The Saga of a Mountain Man by L.M. Larson 04/27/03
Brush Country by J.D. Bedwell 05/18/03
Peterboro Tower by Lefty and the Cactus Kid 06/01/03
Missing Old Captain by J.D. Bedwell 06/08/03
A Farmer's Vow by L.M. Larson 06/29/03
Spirit of the Heavens by L.M. Larson 07/06/03
Natural Peace by L.M. Larson 07/20/03
The Sailor and the Cowboy by Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid07/27/03
Belle Bates by J D Bedwell08/31/03
The Tree! By Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid09/07/03
The Pasture Gate By Laura Larson09/14/03
Annie Oatmeal By J.D. Bedwell10/12/03
Fire Ants! By J.D. Bedwell10/26/03
Old Photos By J.D. Bedwell11/02/03
Del Rio's Early Years By J.D Bedwell11/30/03
The Texas Chopper By Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid01/11/04
TMWDTTTMTGOTF By Lefty01/18/04
Cowboys By L.M. Larson02/22/04
My Brother By Patrick Calliham03/21/04
A Free Man By Bill Golden03/28/04
The Country By Patrick Calliham05/09/04
Arkansas Boy By Patrick Calliham05/23/04
The Buckskin By Mike Bedwell06/13/04
Howdy Doody By JD Bedwell06/27/04
Excelsior! By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow(flash video)08/08/04
The Great Stampede By Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid08/29/04
Lost Among the Rattlesnakes By JD Bedwell10/31/04
Wishing By JD Bedwell11/28/04
Christmas By JD Bedwell12/05/04
Grandpaw By JD Bedwell08/07/05
Life of a Military Truck Driver By PFC Travis Tobiasson09/11/05
Bull Rider By Clyde Semar, the Cactus Kid09/18/05
The Country Church By JD Bedwell09/25/05
Cowboys in the Military By PFC Travis Tobiasson10/02/05
'Twas the Night Before Roundup By Clyde Semar, The Cactus Kid12/24/06
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