A Cowboy Christmas

By Shelly Norgaard

"Piney Cone wreaths and old 'oil lamps'
Big stone hearths draped with frozen cold chaps',
"Tis Cowboy Christmas at the Elmworth Basin
We gotta 'git ready
theres' no time fer' wastin'

"Got ta' put more pounds on that ole' Turkey "Tom"
(He's a' grainin' over ta' the barn there
in his own stall.....nice n' warm

Calves been sent to Market
(Least the ones we "ain't" keepin')
gives us a bit o' coin now
Maybe this Christmas won't be a "lean-"un"

Mamma already got a new dryer
for that she needed badly,
Cause the ole' stone hearth is pretty slo'
at dryin lots 'reel' fastly

But Pappa needs some "dungarees"
his ole' ones plum "un-sightly"
barb-wire torn jeans n' socks worn thru
and a new pair o' boots he could use too...
We'll 'jes' have ta' see what ole' "Santy" can do

"Gittin" all excited! ta' see old friends and new
For Christmas time is the best time to reaquaint this crew
Spring is always busy
a' fixin' and a fussin'
and watchin' fer' the new calves
cause' they all the time a' comin'...

Summer is 'full-blown and flat out runnin'
tryin' ta' beat the weatherman and finish hayin'
before the rains' a' comin'...

Fall time is just as bad
no time fer' visits...more time we wisht' we had!!

Finally it's Winter & Christmas that's soon arrivin'
time too! fer' reflectin' on all that has happened so far
n' why ourselves we bin' a' drivin n' workin hard through the year..

So much to be thankful for
all the good friends we have,
n' NO Bad wrecks did happen
we All in good shape...
the luck o' the draw was with us, n' kept us all safe...

So we'll sit right back n' enjoy it friends
for we All deserve this "breather"
cause before ya' know it.. she starts agin'!
Lord knows what fates we'll weather??

So "may yorn' "stockings hang heavy
with good luck n' good will

May yer' "Best" gifts be each other
(for these n'er go outta style..

"Good Health" and "Good Cheer"
to All "friends-Dear"
We Wish you "Merry Christmas" And A "Happy New Year!!!!"

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