The Tree!

By The Cactus Kid

A young seedling took root and was proudly growing on a hill
It watched as a band of Indians made camp with uncommon skill.

As years went by the tree put down its roots and really started to grow
And watched as men passed on their way to defend the Alamo

Then one day a few years later a wagon stopped beneath the tree to rest
With strong limbs and green leaves for shade, they put it to the test.

That summer the drought was long and dry, the grassland died of thirst
But its roots were deep, where the soil was moist, so it could handle the worst.

A Yankee soldier died one day while hiding beneath the tree
He was sent back home and a prayer was said by a soldier of General Lee.

As the tree grew older and taller still, new changes were day by day
Horses grew scarce and auto's appeared along with a new highway.

A town grew up around the tree as it watched the years go by
And it was big and tall with many strong limbs when man began to fly

I first saw the tree in sixty-two, the same year that John Kennedy died
But Dad wouldn't let me build a house in the tree, so I stood by the trunk and cried

In seventy one my school days were done and I moved off to live in the Ville'
But I'm Happy to say that my Mom still lives by that beautiful Oak on the hill!



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