As I think of people fighting, I think how sick this world is 
And as I sit here writing, people kill others so they can live. 
As I see the things around me, my heart bleeds with pain 
All the fighting and killing...We're trapped in a world where evil reigns. 

As I meditate in loneliness, I can feel it in my blood 
That somone believes in kindness, and is oh so full of love. 
As I turn to the country, where there are no buildings to the sky 
And no noisy machines, no hustling crowds, 
And no traffic passing by, 

Then I can get myself together, and then feel less insane 
For though there may be stormy weather, I'm more at peace with my brain. 
As I grow so tired and lonely, thinking no one cares for me 
Then I take myself only to the peaceful country. 

I can escape to the country, and rest there peacefully. 

         ---Patrick Calliham, 1981 



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