The Texas Chopper

JD and me, and a biker named Talley
Heading north to a Motorcycle Rally
Me on my Kawi, the Biker looked gnarly
JD striking out on a Brand new Harley

Out of the West came a real eye Popper!
It was Grandpa Bates on a Texas Chopper
Powered by Diesel, Chromed exhaust stack
A Snake Hide seat and a fancy gun rack.

The wheels were from a Monster Truck
The paint on the tank said "Ruptured Duck!"
Grinning ear to ear he waved to us
Then swerved to the left to miss a Bus!

Belle and Annie came roaring past
Their Ninjas smooth and very fast!
JD honked and we could tell
He had a crush on "Biker Belle!"

The Bridge was out a mile ahead
We shut it down, or we'd all be dead
The Ninjas Jumped that bridgeless span
but Grandpa Bates had another plan..

He shifted down to extra low,
And down the side we saw him go.
The diesel was chugging and spitting smoke
Crossing the ravine and going for broke.

Down to the bottom and across the creek
The ride of your life, not for the weak!
The Front tire was pulling, the back one too
Like a four wheel drive, but it's only got two!

Out of the gully and back on the road
basking in the sun like an old horned toad!
As Legends go, this was quite a Whopper!
Bell and Grandpa and the Texas Chopper.

                       --Clyde Semar, The Cactus Kid

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