The Sailor and the Cowboy

By The Cactus Kid

In a bar one night in Galveston, a sailor told this tale
Of a sailors life upon the seas, and living through a gale.
With rum in hand he told his mates of how he came to be,
In that smoke filled room they listened to his story of the sea.

The lonely sailor stood his watch as he crossed the seven seas.
And dreamed of home and western sky's as he sailed into the breeze.
On a sailing ship the work is hard, and not much time for fun.
From his high up perch he saw a ship come from the setting sun.

The first mate called "To Arms, To Arms! We know not who they are!"
"We mustn't let them take our ship, or home is not that far"
The Skull and bones was raised up high from the mast of the other ship
Our sailor knew right then and there that this was his last trip!

Cannon volley took the mainmast and the sails were badly ripped.
The sailor fought with fury, then accidentally tripped.
Then the fight was over and the pirates had captured all.
But the sailor never knew it, for he was unconscious from the fall.

Before the sailors walked the plank and to a death they fell
The seas rose up and shook them all from the winds of a mighty gale!
The Pirate ship had floundered and turned upon her side
So the sailor's ship was rescued by the wrath of nature's tide.

A Cowboy in the back stood tall and slammed his beer mug down
"I've heard your tales of seaman's woes and sailing for the Crown"
"Now hear the tale of Indians and trail drives of mighty herds"
So the Seaman took another swig and waited for the cowboy's words.

A thousand heads of cattle we drove toward dodge last year.
Through summer's heat and drenching rains and Indians quite near.
That fateful day upon the plains I dreamed of the oceans blue
Cause them injuns came a charging and I knew my life was through!

Ole Red Cloud and his murderous group was a scalping all my friends
So I mounted up and charge amongst them trying to make amends.
Reins between my teeth and guns blazing from both my hands
When an arrow pierced my left leg and I fell to the burning sands.

* * *

The next day when I awoke they had staked me out real tight
The blood was oozing from my leg but I had made it through the night.
The leather straps that bound me were shrinking in the blazing sun.
But my life was still my own and there were things I hadn't done.

Right then the summer drought had ended and the creek ran full with rain,
And the ground around me muddied and I pulled beyond the pain.
I was free again and found my horse and to Galveston I rode.
.So you see my Sailor friend it's your mother nature, of whom my life I owed..

The Cowboy and the Sailor left together and that was quite a sight
Cause the Bar room down in Galveston was closing for the night.
But be it told for all that care, those two strangers told their tales.
Then the Sailor joined a wagon train and the cowboy hoisted Sails!

The end.

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