Peterboro Tower
By Lefty and the Cactus Kid
(with apologies to Arthur Godfrey)

Peterboro tower, this is Piper 202
I have a minor problem
My nose wheel tire just blew:
I'm on a 5 mile final
Clear traffic down below
Request you foam the runway
When ready, let me know

Peterboro traffic this is Peterboro tower
This is a recording we'll be open in an hour
Make a left three-sixty, don't think of coming in
Just fly around in circles while I play my violin.

Peterboro tower, this is Piper 202
This is an emergency, I sure am feeling blue
My VHF is on the blink, your voice is fading fast
If you don't get me on the ground,
This flight may be my last.

Peterboro Traffic, this Peterboro tower.
Make a downind to the left, extend it for an hour
We hope you have a nice flight,
We'll see you back real soon.
Peterboro tower doesn't open until noon.

Peterboro Tower this is Piper 202
My fuel supply is getting low, my options now are few.
The engine's running mighty rough
The mixture is too lean....
There's a red light on the panel
And I don't know what it means.

Piper 202 this is Peterboro tower.
Expect a landing clearance in just about an hour
The traffic's stacked above you
Ten thousand feet or more....
You'll have to climb above it,
Your number's eighty-four

Peterboro Tower, this is Piper 202.
My gas tanks now are empty
Please tell me what to do
The view up here is lovely, but it won't last too long
I still can make the airport, if nothing else goes wrong

Piper 202, this is Peterboro tower.
I understand your problem, I know that you lost power.
Keeping all the airways safe is something that I like,
But I just joined a Union and we're going out on strike.

Peterboro tower, this is Piper 202
I know you are a union man,
I hope you paid your dues,
I'm aiming for the tower, it's coming up real fast....
This conversation that we had is gonna be your last..



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