At peace with the world
The Cactus Kid
A warm summer evening as I stood by a quiet flowing stream
The gentle puffs of wind blowing are just not what they seem.
And gently flowed the water as it glistened from stars above.
It was a place to call home with a beauty you could love.

I am at peace with the world, but this world is not at peace
Rifles at the ready, in this place unfit for man or beast.
Terror fills my breast as I listen to the sound of death.
An enemy approaches so I freeze and hold my breath.

The stream is red with blood from the souls of soldiers dying
I cuss the soldier to my left who is wounded and is crying
So I hug the ground beneath me and pray to God for Mercy.
Cause we came to war together and he is my brother Percy.

The sun has set and the stars above unseen because of flares,
Tracer rounds of theirs and ours, so I kill and do not care!
The firefight rages through the night but our ammo's getting low
The land around us wasted, where crops will someday grow!

You see I am fighting for my home, the land where I was raised,
Last month I baled the hay upon the land my cattle grazed,
Another country got jealous and they want it for their own
And now the killing of other men is an act I must condone.

I suppose that I could quit and let them take my land
Or rise and take a bullet but here I make my stand.
Instead I persevere to conquer no one shall take my life.
I fight for freedom for my children and freedom for my wife.

The "Star Spangled Banner" is a song I used to sing
I want to help protect my country, it's a patriotic thing
And I was insincere back then, but now I understand.
So I aim my rifle carefully cause your freedom's in my hand.

I am proud to be American in this land of the free and brave
No terrorist can break me or force me to be his slave!
You have bombed our embassies and crumbled the twin towers
But we will fight you to the death to keep this land of ours!

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