Lost Among the Rattlesnakes
by J D Bedwell

The last of the herd had been hauled away.
For the old rancher it was a very sad day.
The grown kids had moved far away,
His wife was dead two years to the day.

But the bull had not been found,
My job was to ride & look around.
Was already getting late, when I started out on ol" Brownie.
Combing the thickets like a "mountie".

After an hour things didn"t look right,
there was the bull and he"d been in a fight
He was sulking, mean as can be....
Took right after Brownie & me !

Brownie got scared, jumped around,
Tripped  and tossed me to the ground!
Was"t gonna let that bull get me,
I skinned up the closest mesquite tree!

Bully & Brownie ran for parts unknown,
Leaving me in near dark all alone !
Up ahead was a strange sight to see,
A little girl on a white pony waving at me !
"Howdy gal..which way outa here ?"

I asked cause things were a blur.
She motioned  me to follow her.
Soon  the ranch lights were seen,
Tried to thank the little gal for leading the way.
But like a vapor, she was gone away !

Told the rancher "bout the bull, the gal & pony.
He just smiled "Was she wearing a little red straw hat and the pony white ?"
I replied"Yes sir, that"s exactly right!"
The rancher replied " She"s my daughter who was killed by lightning
while riding her pony 40 years ago."



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