The Great Stampede
By the Cactus Kid

It started with a single cow running down the trail
A bolt of lightning scared him and so begins the tale.
He started running madly when he came upon the herd
Add twenty seven more and we see how it occurred.

Hooves were stomping madly crushing plant and grass and seed
Adding in more cattle and we now can say stampede.
Cowboys from everywhere gave chase to frightened cows
And farmers from the valley abandoned mules and plows

A thousand head of cattle were on the trail today
And many hardened cowboys were there to save the day
Thunder in the valley echoed up and down the hills
The thought of being trampled was enough to give me chills

Down the trail from all the rush grazed buffalo and deer
The thousand head came upon them spreading all their fear!
Deer and cow and buffalo as if this weren’t enough
Wild horses by the thousands joined up to show their stuff.

For weeks on end stampeding, each day kept adding more
Until at last this crazy rush had stretched from shore to shore
Then one day in January they stopped to take a break
They quenched their thirst completely and they drained the great salt lake.

Arizona once had grass and trees and rivers clear
But when they stopped to eat it was arid in a year.
And when the dust had settled behind the great stampede
It formed the rocky Mountains and split our land indeed.

When they went to sleep that night, a billion head and one,
Another storm flashed high above, stampeding wasn’t done!

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