A Farmer's Vow

My life on the prairie is chucked full of pain,
the hardships and troubles, I'm going insane!
The freezing cold chill of a winter's storm,
makes me long for the days that are warm.

But summer nights can be cold and bitter,
when you watch the crops burn and whither.
Insects, drought, floods and snow,
This life on the prairie is tough don't ya know.

The wind blows hard and dirt stings your face.
You've never lived in such a brutal place.
Why I stay here, I'll never know,
I guess there's no other place for a farmer to go.

Someday when my crop comes in,
I'll be laughing and singing once again.
I'm going to tame this forsaken ground,
and make life possible for miles around.
                                    --L.M. Larson



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