by Travis T. Tobiasson PFC U.S. ARMY

We traded our wranglers and boots
for dcu's and combat boots.
We came from feedlots, cabs of trucks,
tractors, horses, and pickup trucks.

You won't be able to tell by looking at us,
dressed in tan and covered in dust,
But if you sit down and chat,
you'll see that we are a different breed of cat,

We're the ones they call cowboys.

We carry our weapons on our backs
and believe me they're not light.
We work no matter what the temperature, 
sun or rain, day or night,

And in the midst of sand storms and whirlwinds,
you won't hear us complain.
We work, we laugh, we tell a joke
to keep us from going insane.

We're the ones they call cowboys.

When the evening comes, we gather
around a big pallet fire, 
Grab a "near" beer, talk about the day
and watch the sun as it expires.

Once this deployment is over, 
things won't change much except for a few, 
We'll get back to our wranglers and boots
but instead of "near" beer.
we'll go to the bar 
and enjoy a "real" brew!

We're the ones they call cowboys.

Yes, we are the cowboys, serving in our military which
serves and protects the freedoms of this great country
WE ALL call the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  You'll find
us in all branches: ARMY, NAVY, AIR FORCE, MARINES,
and YES, even the COAST GUARD!




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