The Chuck Wagon Man

By the Cactus Kid

After rounding up cattle for three weeks and a day
We hooped and we hollered and got on our way.
Driving that herd up to Dodge is the plan.
The Drover, ten cowboys and the chuck wagon man.

Just Thirty a month is how much I make
And a bedroll to sleep in after a big juicy steak.
First day on the trail them longhorns weren't lazy
Chasing down stragglers was driving me crazy.

For supper Ole Cookie served biscuits and greens
and fresh from the coals was a big pot of Beans.

Night Riders awoke us just about daybreak
and them beans in my belly was starting to ache!
A quick drink of coffee and wolfing down bread
I saddled my horse and got the cows out of bed.

From sun-up to sunset we kept driving them doggies,
choking on dust and smoking old stogies.
The chuck wagon outpaced us to find the next camp
He will serve our next supper neath a kerosene lamp.

For Supper that night he served biscuits and greens,
and straight from the coals was a big pot of beans.

Coffee and biscuits for breakfast, no joke
But them beans from last night, (its my stomach that's broke.)
All day in the saddle a cutting out strays
hard work was ahead of us for thirty more days.
Six days from Dodge City a stampede occurred
Our chuck wagon was trampled we said not a word.
No beans for our supper but no meal would we miss,
Ole cookie was angry so he came up with this.

Jerky and coffee, a little dirt in our greens
Tortillas and butter, but (thank you) no beans!

The last day of the trail drive the cowpokes were tired
But thinking of whiskey since the day we were hired.
Now bed down ole doggie, our journey is done
Cause cookie is working, and fixing the one.
After a month of them beans, we need a nice break!
It's gotta be something like potatoes and steak
We rode into camp raising some cane,
Just thinking of supper, "I can't stand the pain"

But supper again was some biscuits and greens,
and straight from the coals was a big pot of beans!


The Chuck wagon man is a thing of the past
There are modern conveniences and a kitchen at last!
A trail drive today is a cow-hauling machine,
And for supper at night is the Dairy Queen!

We sleep in motels and have Trucks that we lease.
So remember ole' cookie, may he rest in peace!




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