Christmas in the USA 
by J D Bedwell

We drove 200 miles to see, Grandma & Pappy.
We spent our last dime, to make the kids happy.

T"was a beautiful Christmas tree, 
some just stared at football on TV.
Table overflowed with Holiday treats, 
turkey, cake & pies and special eats.

We got stuffed as a log, 
some hit the sauce & egg nog.
Opened our gifts of every hi-tech creation, 
This scene was the same, all over this nation.

But I didn"t hear nobody pray, 
Dear Jesus, Happy Birthday !
I didn"t hear nobody say, 
Thank you Heavenly Father 
We were together on this day.

Nobody got on his knees, 
and asked for protection and 
Happy Holidays for our men & women overseas.



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