Bull Rider

By The Cactus Kid

8 second ride upon a steer
cowboys ride with little fear
Bucked and twirled, the crowd would cheer
Cowboy bones are broken here.

Roping steers and tying three
Hold him down with just one knee
Walk away with prize in hand.
You're the best cowboy in the land.

Broke my leg four times last year
Cracked my rib, never shed a tear.
Racing Barrels, the youngsters do
When they grow up, they'll break one too!

Jackhammer was the meanest bull
I climbed aboard, now I'm the fool
Grit my teeth and nod my head.
Wish I were home safe in bed.

Bucked me off upon my side
I turned and looked and nearly cried
He charged me down and stomped my head
I ride no more cause now I'm dead!



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