Life of a Military Truckdriver
                BY Travis T. Tobiasson U.S. ARMY

Here we are just about to close another chapter in our lives 

For some its the second chapter in deployments in their military careers

But for most its our first

Weve dealt with a lot out here from the ieds, to car bombs, to small kids throwing rocks and so forth

Weve taken it all and kept things rolling

Weve had our losses but for us we have been fortunate that no one has been killed

Weve had some of our close friends go down with injuries but we kept on 

Weve been there for each other when they were down and out 

Weve kept each other going

Were nothing more than an extended family who keeps at it until the job is done

NCOs and privates we work together and have gotten to know each other so well

We know whos going to do what and when with out even having to communicate it

We work hard to keep trucks up, and we have had to roll with the punches many times over

Anything to complete the mission

We have delivered fuel, water, ammo, and tents

We have kept units going and gained the respect of many

We hold the most dangerous job in the service but we dont let that keep us from doing our job

We get blown up, we roll out the gate

We get blown up again, we still roll out the gate

We have a job to do and we get it done

We have dealt with changes and have taken the good with the bad 

No matter what or how bad the changes are we just grit our teeth and keep it going

When someone is down we pick them up 

We have sacrificed a lot of sweat and blood to keep our reputations at a high

Even when higher up does something or makes some stupid decisions we still make it look good

We value respect and give it whether or not we get respect in return

We are the truck drivers in the army we keep things moving

We are part of the transportation corps. 

We value the corps motto:

Nothing Happens Til Something Moves --- Transportation Corps., U.S. ARMY

PFC Travis Tobiasson

I was born 15 jan 84, in north platte moved to hershey when i was 4. I went to hershey public schools k-12,then off to mid plains comm. college for two years, after that i signed my papers for the u.s. army 18 april 2004, started, left for basic 03 june 2004 and got to my unit, 40th transportation company, 18 october 2004. we then flew out of mcchord a.f.b 11 jan 2005 and arrived in kuwait 14 jan 2005. we then convoyed north into iraq and arrived at FOB endurance, 02 feburary 2005 where i have been convoying out of and back to since. i am in a unit that has been hit 40 times now by improvised explosive devices (IED's) and two of those were vbied's (vehicle borne) IED's are more/less roadside bombs and a vbied is a car bomb. our unit has been fortunate that we have only lost two people to injuries and have had no fataties. i do appreciate all of the support from all of the people back stateside and most of all the closest person to me ms. dianna larson who has been there to keep me motivated to get myself home (probably because she keeps telling me that if i don't she'll revive me just to x-me out again [just joking]) if you do have questions or comments you can email me at

Toby and Di



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